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How to Make Homemade Solar Cells

Making homemade solar cells is not that hard, provided that you know the process. Many people who are interested in building solar cells at home, simply use very ineffective ways, and as a result they build a large cell, which cannot power anything more than a small LED. That’s not what we are talking about here – we want to learn how to make homemade solar cells, which can give you about 100-200Watts per square meter. That is perfectly possible, and can be done cheaply. Read on.

Homemade solar units fall into two categories – semiconductor ones, and ones based on natural dyes. The second type can be constructed extremely cheaply, for about five dollars per a hundred watt. The drawback is that people often have trouble sealing the cell properly, and making the cell airtight, and as a result it dries up in a couple of months, which results in a drop of power. That can be easily resolved though. The semiconductor solar cells are another alternative, and certain semiconductors can be produced very easily at home, and used to make a solar panel, which are then connected into a panel. The whole procedure is very straightforward and easy to do, even by inexperienced people, and that’s the reason why green energy, and energy from the sun are becoming extremely popular today. Most people are building cells, in order to power up their laptop, or other small appliance.

If you want to power your home, that is also possible, but it’s going to take a bit more work, as you should build storages for the electricity – the sun is only available during the day. Another option, is to build a very simple circuit which switches to mains power during the night – that will still save you a lot of money on electricity, and is very interesting project to take on. So, learning how to make homemade solar cells is easy and cheap, provided that you find it interesting enough, to start actually building the panels!

Buy and Sell Crude Oil – Most Profitable Way to Do It

There is a profitable way to buy and sell petroleum. There are four major things you will need in order to succeed from this business. They are namely:

1. Funds: you will need funds to buy petroleum. You will need a minimum of $100,000,000 US. The amount of money can get you up to 2 million barrels of petroleum. You will also need about 5 to 10 million USD for expenses.

2. Petroleum seller: you will need a crude oil seller or supplier where you can purchase the petroleum from. This one is not a major problem as long as you have the funds.

3. Tanker: you will need a tank where you will be able to store the crude oil. If you want to build a petroleum storage tank, then you may as well rent one. This one is going to be costly, so it is better for you to build your own tank and save cost.

4. Petroleum buyer: this one is also not a major problem. The reason is because they are many buyers of crude oil aggressively searching for available crude oil to buy mainly in USA and Europe. As long as cars and factories are concerned, crude oil will always be in high demand.

The idea to make lots of money from buying and selling crude oil is to buy crude when it is very cheap and sell it when it is expensive. That is you will buy it when the price is low and sell it when the price is high. You will need to buy a piece of land and build the crude oil storage tank that can be able to store as much crude oil as you want. The crude oil storage tank could be an underground tank or surface tank.

Once you have finished building a storage tank, the next step is to buy petroleum. If you have funds at hand building storage tanks that can store up to 2 million barrels of petroleum or as much as you want will not take more than 2 months. The next step is to find petroleum available for sale. This will be an easy process if you know where to look. You can start to source for crude oil available for purchase at oil producing countries. You will be able to buy them through this means for cheap rather than when you do so through resellers.

There are two ways to get petroleum from Nigeria. One is through getting oil allocation from NNPC. NNPC fully means Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. It is a government agency responsible for selling and buying of crude oil. You will need:

1. Proof of up to $100,000,000

2. Performance bond of up to $1,000,000

3. You will be required to own a local oil refinery, international refinery and a major oil trader.

If you are not ready for these conditions, then you can buy from persons who have already gotten oil allocation. People who have got oil allocation from NNPC must always end up selling the petroleum they have purchased. You can buy from this set of people. Example of this type of oil trader to buy your crude oil from is Yamal Gas Progress etc.

Once you have found a seller, the next step is to negotiate and close a deal. There are four ways used for selling petroleum. They are namely FOB, TTT, TTO, and CIF. CIF means cost, insurance and freight. It is a method of selling petroleum where the seller does everything from loading and sending the crude oil to the place the buyer wants. This kind of method is usually hard to fit and most sellers do not like dealing this way. FOB fully means freight on board.

The most widely method used method for selling oil is TTO and TTT. TTO simply means tanker take over. In this method, the buyer takes over the vessel to his destination, offloads the crude oil and brings it back.

TTT simply means tanker to tanker. It requires the buyer to come with a tank while the oil is transshipped and everything is settled.

Payment for the product is usually through swift or wire transfer. This can either be done through bank to bank by means of MT799. Irrevocable of letter of credit may also be used for payment etc.

Once you have bought the product, transfer the crude to your storage tank and relax. Continue to monitor the price of oil to see when it will increase. Conflicts between Iran and USA, and USA and Iran, and the one between South Korea and North Korea, and North Korea and the rest of other countries can cause the price of petroleum to increase. Conflicts in Niger Delta of Nigeria and Middle East as a whole can also cause the price of crude to skyrocket. Disasters like Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding cities in USA along the gulf may also increase the price of oil.

Once the price of crude increases, it is time to sell it off. If the price of a barrel of crude was at $78 and it increased to $100 or more, I believe you know how much you would have gained. Let say all the expenses you made and the price of a barrel of petroleum stands at $70 per barrel, then crude oil increases to $100 and you sell it off. The amount you will gain becomes $30 times 2,000,000 which will give you $60,000,000. This is cool bucks to make in a day. The way to find buyers for your petroleum is to write a letter with your company letterhead and POP (proof of product) to oil refineries. State the price you want to sell per barrel and anything to convince the oil refineries to buy your petroleum. This is tested and proven to deliver profitable type of oil trading.

Free Shed Plans – Knowing the Kinds of Shed to Suit You

Let us first discuss space and its importance. You may have heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in its own place”. When it comes to your own stuff, you may definitely prefer that each and every item has its own space, arranged properly so you have no difficulty accessing them when the needs arise. This requirement for space can increase as the years pass by, so most of us want and need extra space eventually. This requirement may also extend to your house, and as a result, you may ultimately want to build your own shed. Whatever the purpose, it is vital that you first arm yourself with background information on the various kinds of sheds available, based on its required function.

There are so many uses for sheds and you can have one built, or, for the creative and handy person, build it yourself. There are several free shed plans available that work well and can greatly help you prepare for your own shed building. But before you do so, what exactly are the types of sheds available?

There is what we call a garden shed. For a lot of people, having a garden shed is one of the best and effective ways to keep their tools and gear for gardening. It is a place to store your shovels, rakes, garden hose, lawn mower, gardening chemicals and fertilizers and a whole lot of other gardening equipments. By storing them in a garden shed, you can keep all of these tools in good condition; make a safe environment for everyone by not leaving them around to cause accidents, and, you can easily locate them when you need them.

A tool shed is one of the most commonly built sheds you can find. This is of course used to keep all those tools you have accumulated over the years. You can store your equipment and tools for woodwork and carpentry, from simple hand tools like the hammer, to power tools such as drills and saws.

Another popular type of shed is the storage shed. Of course sheds are made for storage, yet the storage shed is for storing many different types of things, such as raw or finished substances, or unused or not needed large home furniture. Some people intentionally build storage sheds for a singular, specific use and often these are made by professionals.

Knowing the kinds of sheds available will help you decide what type of shed is best suited for your own use and once you have decided, you can then go and search for any of the free shed plans that fit your own needs.

7 Things To Think About Before Using 8 X 10 Shed Plans To Build A Storage Shed

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at building storage sheds, getting and keeping things well organized will save you a lot of headaches. It’ll also make sure your shed project comes to a successful conclusion, leaving you with fond memories of a job well done.

The way to ensure this is to go down a checklist of crucial questions to make sure that nothing is left to chance. So let’s compile our checklist, shall we?

1. What is the main reason for building a shed?

Failure to answer this question invariably results in a shed that is too small! Items that may be candidates for storage include tools for working on your car, garden tools, home maintenance tools and yard care tools, such as a lawn mower and hedge trimmers to name just a few.

Ah! But did you know that your children may have plans to store their bikes in that shed too? And what about their skateboards and the ATV? And don’t forget those items your wife had left over from the last garage sale. You get the idea. Really brainstorm this question and get your family to pitch in.

2. What Size Will The Shed Be?

With the reason for building the shed clear in mind, you are in a position to estimate the size. This is a good time to be generous as your need for storage will increase as time passes.

While 8 X 10 Shed Plans are a popular size, it is better not to limit yourself to what’s popular but get the size you need for your family’s storage needs over the long term.

3. What will be the best location for your storage shed?

Selecting a location for your shed is an important step. Your local zoning ordinances may have a direct bearing on the location. However, as a practical matter, you want to have ready and convenient access to it. Therefore the location of the doors and the path leading up to it must be carefully thought out.

You should also give thought to how it will fit in with your landscaping, whether it will be visible from the street, will its foundation will be affected by the roots of growing trees and a host of other possibilities. The key here is to be thorough in your planning. This is also a good opportunity to consider water runoff.

4. How will the shed be affected by climate?

Here, you want to consider the effects of heat, cold and humidity not only on the structure of the shed but also on its contents. Are there items that can be damaged by water? In that case give thought to applying adequate waterproofing. If temperatures can become excessive during the summertime, can this cause damage to valuable property? What ventilation needs are there?

If extreme cold is anticipated, might you need to provide some heating and possibly installation?

5. Does the local building department require you to obtain a building permit?

A telephone call or visit to your local building department should help you decide what is required in this area. Checking their website may answer some of your questions. If a permit is required, there is usually a charge for it as well as a need for inspection at the completion of your project.

Cooperation with your local building department is a good idea as they have in mind neighborhood safety as well as maintaining good appearance in the area. And don’t forget to check the Home Owners’ Association rules if you have one.

6. What will it cost?

Unless you have unlimited funds and money is no object this is a practical question to consider. Typically, only after the above basic planning and design are completed will you really be in a position to calculate the total expense of your shed. Of course, you will first need to decide what shed plans to use and this in turn will determine the actual materials and finally the actual cost.

7. How to get shed plans for your project

Whether you’re looking for 8 X 10 Shed Plans or any other size, you will find a large supply of many different designs by searching on the Internet. All you have to do is type into the search engine “8 X 10 shed plans”, without the quotes, and you will have access to an almost unlimited supply of plans. Make sure that the set of plans you select contains a comprehensive materials list.

To maintain the fine appearance of your property you will want to select a shed design that coordinates nicely with the style of your home. In addition to style, color scheme and materials are important concerns.

And don’t forget to check with your property insurance company regarding coverage for the contents of the shed and the structure itself.

Use this checklist to avoid frustrations, miscalculations and disappointments and your storage shed project will be a successful one.

How to Select the Best Garden Shed Design

Who would not like a well planned garden shed in a green lawn? Everyone would love to own a well crafted, perfectly suited shed in their garden. Having a shed in the garden will also make it possible for a person to use the green lawn for multiple purposes. A person thus can use it for storing things inside the shed, planting flowers on the open field and also as playground for children.

Stocking of unused household stocks, child play things and lawn tools are some of the main advantages for having storage shed in the garden. Such kinds of storage shed thus should be built in accordance with the appearance of the surrounding and also with the paint and structure of the main house. Designing and making so will make a shed more presentable than just building it for serving the purposes.

Some of the basic tips that a person should keep in mind while building a garden shed are given below:

Space and design

Before starting the work of building storage shed in garden a person should chalk out some basic plans. A person should first estimate the availability of space and location of building in lawn. Design of the shed should also be so planned in accordance with the harmony of the green environment.


Layout on some piece of paper is also important if a person is looking for building a modern and stylish garden shed. Consulting an expert on the subject and researching on some of the latest designs will enable a person in making a perfect storage shed. Layout will also serve as a guide to the designer or carpenter who is building the garden shed.


Building material is another thing that a person should be conscious of. Woods normally are cheaper than all other kind of building materials. Woods are also perfect for building garden storage shed, as they can blend very well with the environment of the green lawn. However, person who is using woods for building garden shed should use wood treatments. Wood treatments are important for preventing house bugs and pests.

Size of the budget

A person should also build storage shed accordingly to the size of his budget. Building the shed in stages even though may take a bit more time but will be effective in building a well crafted garden shed. If a person is facing hard times, then one can consider building the storage shed on own for saving some money.

While building garden shed a person should also take into consideration the weather and climate condition of the region. Long lasting shed can only be built with a very firm concrete foundation. However, in a region with moderate weather and level ground, a moderate foundation comprising of treated lumber on a gravel base will be enough. It will also cost a lot than the former.

With a relatively large number of styles and designs available in the market, a person can now select one which will perfectly fit the garden. Attractive and practical storage shed thus, can be built with creative thinking.

So, if a person is thinking about building garden shed then he should start painting pictures of how he wants his shed to be like.

Moving in Storage Shed in Maryland – Planning How to Create One

Have you ever run out of storage spaces? Living in Maryland would open up your eyes to the many storage sheds which are built by the residents themselves who feel the dire need to make use of additional spaces to store their belongings. Moving in storage shed in Maryland could definitely be easy if only you know how to create one for your own consumption.

The plans for the creation of storage sheds would allow you to make up very attractive structure which may actually be partnered with the landscape that exists or would just be built therein. As of the moment, the Maryland markets have already made the economic and simple storage shed plans that you could grab at any time. The plans for storage sheds include a comprehensive step by step instruction of the procedures which one could definitely follow. The steps are coupled with illustrations. More so, the precise materials that need to be utilized are also enlisted therein. So as you could save money and time, the storage shed plans also employ certain cutting setups as vividly described in the layout sheets.

As the one who is going to utilize the storage shed, you would have to get a full grasp of the real deal with the cost of what you would be spending on. You need to be abreast of how you would do it, when is the best time to do it, and how much money should you prepare in doing it. You would also be able to realize which would be cheaper and a lot affordable on your part–whether to purchase the ready made storage shed or to create your own.

Storage Shed Plans

Generally, there are three kinds of foundations which are stipulated on the storage shed plans. The simplest type to create is the one which is founded on the gravel bed wherein the floor joists are all nailed onto a skid foundation. The second kind therein is the one which is laid on some concrete pad and is very much perfect for the big buildings. Then there is the third type, that is, the very ideal for the sloping yards and which are much too prone to movement. There are several storage shed plan designers who are coming up with various materials and construction techniques. Hence, the storage space must be sufficient enough to accommodate the items that you would need to keep in it.

Storage Shed Kits

You would need kits in building storage sheds. These are all designed to push through the task that is solely dedicated to them. The storage shed kits are perfect to use especially if you would like to rely on your own skills when building the storage shed. Your budget could easily afford these gadgets because they are pocket-friendly. More so, they could likewise be bought online. The good thing with the storage shed kits is that they are crafted to be really durable in order to withstand even the worst condition of the very unpredictable weather.

Some of the typical storage shed kits are floor deck, lumber, floor joists, roof panels, angle brackets, prefabricated siding, and many others. There are likewise the windows, doors, and other pertinent instruction details that would be very valuable for you.

Moving in storage shed in Maryland is that easy. Simply procure these important gadgets and you are on your way to creating a useful storage space for your belongings.

Plans On How To Build a Shed – The Basic Things To Look For In Plans For Storage Shed Construction

When it comes to building anything, you are going to need to have a good set of plans or instructions to show you how to go about completing your project properly. This is also true of building storage sheds.

Now, building a storage shed is a pretty simple process, and one that just about anyone can do.

This means that even if you have never been near a tool before in your life, you should still have no problem building a great looking storage shed for your back yard, and, as long as you are following the instructions properly, you should have no problem building your shed all by yourself (unless of course you want to make a fun day of it with your buddies…just don’t drink too much beer, or who knows what your shed will end up looking like).

There are all kinds of different types of storage sheds that you can build, and there are all kinds of different types of instructions for building them.

You can get instructions that are geared toward master carpenters, or you can also get beginner versions that are easy for everyone to use, even those who have absolutely no building experience whatsoever. But, no matter what your skill level is, or what type of shed building instructions you have, there are going to be things that are pretty much the same in all sets of instructions.


A good set of instructions is going to list all of the tools you will need to complete your storage shed. This way, you won’t be half way through the job and realize that you don’t have the right tool for the next step. Make sure that you look carefully at this list before starting building, and if you don’t have all of the necessary tools, go out and buy them.

Don’t get into something and end up cursing because you have to stop what you are doing to go to the hardware store.


Just like with the list of tools you will need, a good set of storage shed instructions will also let you know what materials you are going to need, and the sizes you will need. Obviously, you are going to have to have wood to build your shed with, but the instructions will also tell you what other materials you need, such as nails, screws, doors, windows, and more.


Any set of plans for a storage shed, or any other project, should have detailed, step by step instructions that do not leave anything out or to the imagination. If you get a set of plans that you do not understand, you may want to go out and find another set that you do understand, so you have a better time completing your storage shed.

These are the basic things you will find in every set of plans on how to build a shed. There are other common things you will find as well, and of course, the more difficult the plans are, the more differences you will find in the instructions.

Can a Steel Building be Moved to Another Location?

Sometimes, moving is something that is necessary. Everything has to be packed up in order to be taken to the new destination. It all has to be loaded in a moving vehicle of some sort only to be unpacked when it reaches the new location. After everything is taken out of the building, you look back at it with sadness because of the fond memories you have, but that is something you must leave behind. Well, you’re at least leaving the neighborhood behind.

You stand there watching how these guys are putting the building on the back of an 18 wheeler and you can’t wait until it is delivered to the new location that your company acquired. There is more land and more steel buildings to be delivered to the location. Not too many people can move to a location that is ten miles away from them and actually take the building with them.

Depending on the size of the steel building, it can be moved in pieces and put together at its final destination. Sometimes a steel building may be like a storage container that is used as an office. Whatever the reason, there is a process to moving a steel building. It may seem like a mystery to some as to how it is possible to move something so large and so heavy, but the process is rather easy at times.

It doesn’t matter if the building is new and just being built or is an existing structure that needs to be moved, it has to be divided up into pieces. When it is a new building, the pieces are built, shipped to the building’s destination, and then assembled there. If the building is an existing structure, then it will be divided into the same pieces it was in when it arrived brand new. After this occurs, the following steps take place:

• The pieces are lifted by a building jack apparatus. The buildings are usually built with slots in which the building jack apparatus can be inserted.

• The jack then lifts the building up to a predetermined height, but instead of it being lifted onto the truck, the truck backs up under the lifted building. The jack then lowers the building onto the bed of the trailer.

• When the building meets its destination, the same method can be used to lift the building off of the trailer bed or the trailer bed may be hydraulic and can carefully slide the building off of the back of it. This step depends on whether or not that piece of the building can stand on its own. This process is repeated for all of the pieces. Depending on the size of the building, it can take several trucks to move the building.

However, when moving a steel building that has already been in place for a while, it is necessary to employ a company that has the trucks, the manpower, and the proper tools to move a steel building. Usually, those who actually manufacture them can provide moving services for people who need to move steel buildings, but such services do come with a cost. It is more or less going to depend on how many pieces need transported and the size of the building. These factors will determine how many trucks are needed, what tools are needed, and how many people need to be involved in the moving effort. It can be quite extensive. At least if anyone has doubts about a steel building being able to be moved, you can contradict them by telling them that you know the basics of how it is done.

Small Shed Plans – One Way to Solve Your Storage Problems, Build a Small Shed!

If you live in a house, or own your home, you will have experienced a shortage of storage space at some point. You usually have cupboards, closets and attic space to store things in the house, but what about the stuff that winds up being in the garage, so the car has to be parked out in all weathers. There really is not room in the garage for all of it and there is no way that your wife will let you put any of it in the house.

These days many people do not even have a garage.

So how do you get your outside tools and mowers, etc, stored so that you can get the car in the garage or worse yet, do not have a garage and nowhere to put these things?

One solution that works rather well is to add a shed in the bottom of the garden, or a place that is handy to put all these things away. It does not have to be a big affair either, just big enough to house the tools and garden equipment, keeping it dry and secure.

Actually, small sheds work very well for people who do not have a lot of stuff or a small property. They are economical and easy to put together. They work very well when you are keen to get your outdoor living areas organized. You can be confident that you can put everything away and keep the garden implements out of harm’s way of curious children.

This is a good opportunity to organize all your tools in a small shed and the trick is to use a shadow board to hang up smaller tools. This makes it easy to identify which tool is missing as well.

A small shed can be big enough to house any engine parts you may have as well as your tools and garden equipment, which should please your wife too.

Your storage unit can be built in a couple of weekends and having a good set of small shed plans will make the job that much easier. Your power tools are valuable and the shed will keep them in good working order, and there is the added bonus that the value of your property will increase with the addition of a useful and attractive storage structure.

You will be happy to have a place for your tools and your wife will be happy that you will not be attempting to store any of your tools in the house!