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How to Make Homemade Solar Cells

Making homemade solar cells is not that hard, provided that you know the process. Many people who are interested in building solar cells at home, simply use very ineffective ways, and as a result they build a large cell, which cannot power anything more than a small LED. That’s not what we are talking about here – we want to learn how to make homemade solar cells, which can give you about 100-200Watts per square meter. That is perfectly possible, and can be done cheaply. Read on.

Homemade solar units fall into two categories – semiconductor ones, and ones based on natural dyes. The second type can be constructed extremely cheaply, for about five dollars per a hundred watt. The drawback is that people often have trouble sealing the cell properly, and making the cell airtight, and as a result it dries up in a couple of months, which results in a drop of power. That can be easily resolved though. The semiconductor solar cells are another alternative, and certain semiconductors can be produced very easily at home, and used to make a solar panel, which are then connected into a panel. The whole procedure is very straightforward and easy to do, even by inexperienced people, and that’s the reason why green energy, and energy from the sun are becoming extremely popular today. Most people are building cells, in order to power up their laptop, or other small appliance.

If you want to power your home, that is also possible, but it’s going to take a bit more work, as you should build storages for the electricity – the sun is only available during the day. Another option, is to build a very simple circuit which switches to mains power during the night – that will still save you a lot of money on electricity, and is very interesting project to take on. So, learning how to make homemade solar cells is easy and cheap, provided that you find it interesting enough, to start actually building the panels!

How to Select the Best Garden Shed Design

Who would not like a well planned garden shed in a green lawn? Everyone would love to own a well crafted, perfectly suited shed in their garden. Having a shed in the garden will also make it possible for a person to use the green lawn for multiple purposes. A person thus can use it for storing things inside the shed, planting flowers on the open field and also as playground for children.

Stocking of unused household stocks, child play things and lawn tools are some of the main advantages for having storage shed in the garden. Such kinds of storage shed thus should be built in accordance with the appearance of the surrounding and also with the paint and structure of the main house. Designing and making so will make a shed more presentable than just building it for serving the purposes.

Some of the basic tips that a person should keep in mind while building a garden shed are given below:

Space and design

Before starting the work of building storage shed in garden a person should chalk out some basic plans. A person should first estimate the availability of space and location of building in lawn. Design of the shed should also be so planned in accordance with the harmony of the green environment.


Layout on some piece of paper is also important if a person is looking for building a modern and stylish garden shed. Consulting an expert on the subject and researching on some of the latest designs will enable a person in making a perfect storage shed. Layout will also serve as a guide to the designer or carpenter who is building the garden shed.


Building material is another thing that a person should be conscious of. Woods normally are cheaper than all other kind of building materials. Woods are also perfect for building garden storage shed, as they can blend very well with the environment of the green lawn. However, person who is using woods for building garden shed should use wood treatments. Wood treatments are important for preventing house bugs and pests.

Size of the budget

A person should also build storage shed accordingly to the size of his budget. Building the shed in stages even though may take a bit more time but will be effective in building a well crafted garden shed. If a person is facing hard times, then one can consider building the storage shed on own for saving some money.

While building garden shed a person should also take into consideration the weather and climate condition of the region. Long lasting shed can only be built with a very firm concrete foundation. However, in a region with moderate weather and level ground, a moderate foundation comprising of treated lumber on a gravel base will be enough. It will also cost a lot than the former.

With a relatively large number of styles and designs available in the market, a person can now select one which will perfectly fit the garden. Attractive and practical storage shed thus, can be built with creative thinking.

So, if a person is thinking about building garden shed then he should start painting pictures of how he wants his shed to be like.

Moving in Storage Shed in Maryland – Planning How to Create One

Have you ever run out of storage spaces? Living in Maryland would open up your eyes to the many storage sheds which are built by the residents themselves who feel the dire need to make use of additional spaces to store their belongings. Moving in storage shed in Maryland could definitely be easy if only you know how to create one for your own consumption.

The plans for the creation of storage sheds would allow you to make up very attractive structure which may actually be partnered with the landscape that exists or would just be built therein. As of the moment, the Maryland markets have already made the economic and simple storage shed plans that you could grab at any time. The plans for storage sheds include a comprehensive step by step instruction of the procedures which one could definitely follow. The steps are coupled with illustrations. More so, the precise materials that need to be utilized are also enlisted therein. So as you could save money and time, the storage shed plans also employ certain cutting setups as vividly described in the layout sheets.

As the one who is going to utilize the storage shed, you would have to get a full grasp of the real deal with the cost of what you would be spending on. You need to be abreast of how you would do it, when is the best time to do it, and how much money should you prepare in doing it. You would also be able to realize which would be cheaper and a lot affordable on your part–whether to purchase the ready made storage shed or to create your own.

Storage Shed Plans

Generally, there are three kinds of foundations which are stipulated on the storage shed plans. The simplest type to create is the one which is founded on the gravel bed wherein the floor joists are all nailed onto a skid foundation. The second kind therein is the one which is laid on some concrete pad and is very much perfect for the big buildings. Then there is the third type, that is, the very ideal for the sloping yards and which are much too prone to movement. There are several storage shed plan designers who are coming up with various materials and construction techniques. Hence, the storage space must be sufficient enough to accommodate the items that you would need to keep in it.

Storage Shed Kits

You would need kits in building storage sheds. These are all designed to push through the task that is solely dedicated to them. The storage shed kits are perfect to use especially if you would like to rely on your own skills when building the storage shed. Your budget could easily afford these gadgets because they are pocket-friendly. More so, they could likewise be bought online. The good thing with the storage shed kits is that they are crafted to be really durable in order to withstand even the worst condition of the very unpredictable weather.

Some of the typical storage shed kits are floor deck, lumber, floor joists, roof panels, angle brackets, prefabricated siding, and many others. There are likewise the windows, doors, and other pertinent instruction details that would be very valuable for you.

Moving in storage shed in Maryland is that easy. Simply procure these important gadgets and you are on your way to creating a useful storage space for your belongings.

Plans On How To Build a Shed – The Basic Things To Look For In Plans For Storage Shed Construction

When it comes to building anything, you are going to need to have a good set of plans or instructions to show you how to go about completing your project properly. This is also true of building storage sheds.

Now, building a storage shed is a pretty simple process, and one that just about anyone can do.

This means that even if you have never been near a tool before in your life, you should still have no problem building a great looking storage shed for your back yard, and, as long as you are following the instructions properly, you should have no problem building your shed all by yourself (unless of course you want to make a fun day of it with your buddies…just don’t drink too much beer, or who knows what your shed will end up looking like).

There are all kinds of different types of storage sheds that you can build, and there are all kinds of different types of instructions for building them.

You can get instructions that are geared toward master carpenters, or you can also get beginner versions that are easy for everyone to use, even those who have absolutely no building experience whatsoever. But, no matter what your skill level is, or what type of shed building instructions you have, there are going to be things that are pretty much the same in all sets of instructions.


A good set of instructions is going to list all of the tools you will need to complete your storage shed. This way, you won’t be half way through the job and realize that you don’t have the right tool for the next step. Make sure that you look carefully at this list before starting building, and if you don’t have all of the necessary tools, go out and buy them.

Don’t get into something and end up cursing because you have to stop what you are doing to go to the hardware store.


Just like with the list of tools you will need, a good set of storage shed instructions will also let you know what materials you are going to need, and the sizes you will need. Obviously, you are going to have to have wood to build your shed with, but the instructions will also tell you what other materials you need, such as nails, screws, doors, windows, and more.


Any set of plans for a storage shed, or any other project, should have detailed, step by step instructions that do not leave anything out or to the imagination. If you get a set of plans that you do not understand, you may want to go out and find another set that you do understand, so you have a better time completing your storage shed.

These are the basic things you will find in every set of plans on how to build a shed. There are other common things you will find as well, and of course, the more difficult the plans are, the more differences you will find in the instructions.

How to Customize Steel Storage Doors on a Slope

Well, you don’t have to worry because many customers just like you have been faced with this common problem

One company by the name of DBCI had 10 buildings which were all built on a slope of 4 percent. Most buildings, however are only about 1 percent. This is why doors have rubber astragal tube-like material at the bottom.

The solution to this problem was to create a door that had an aluminum bottom bar which would be tapered, welded and bolted on certain locations. The tape would run from about 4 1/2 inches on one end to 2 1/2 inches on the other. It would then be made from aluminum and spliced down the middle. A tig welding technique is used and bolts are placed in specific locations that provided taper. Aluminium is used as a standard for doors because it would be a non-corrosive material and is more functional as far as wear and tear go. It also gives the door a nicer look. If the slopes of your building are varied it may be wise to have an installer make adjustments on-site such as removing nuts and bolts. This will make the bottom bar an expandable ruler on each side to help with the slope and create a tight seal on the floor. This solution will allow workers some room in adjustment. So when coming across a situation like this, there are a few options out there that can work for steel buildings on slopes. This one solution has been helpful to one company and will be helpful to many others facing this problem.

DBCI – a manufacturer in storage doors is the company who came up with this solution. They spent a whole month trying to figure out this problem and came up with many prototypes. It was a group of men who worked in the shop and each of them had ideas to contribute. Everyone was co-operative and was excited to take on a new challenge. The first few materials were delivered in July and then the rest were delivered in September. The bottom bar was manufactured in Douglassville, GA and then had been shipped to Arizona where the manufacturing plant is located and this material is being used at the bottom of the doors. This is what most companies have done. DBCI is very proud to introduce this new product which can be a huge solution to many and will sure to be a delight to both owners of steel buildings and other building type owners alike.

How to Choose the Proper Siding For Your Storage Shed

As when you are building a house, your choice of siding for your storage shed is a very important one. The right siding will keep out the weather, keeping your belongings safe inside. There are many options, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Cost, weather resistance, and ease of maintenance are some things to consider when choosing siding for your storage shed.

If cost is your biggest concern, perhaps a tin shed is right for you. Easy to put together, these sheds can go up just about anywhere. Because of this, a tin shed is a good choice for the cost conscious homeowner or renter. Unfortunately, tin rusts. After a couple of years, you are likely going to see a tin shed with a tarp over the roof or a piece of plywood replacing the door. Wooden or vinyl siding may be a better choice if you want more durable storage shed, or if you live in a rainy climate.

Wooden siding is another choice, and the options are many. Red Cedar offers superior rot and bug resistance, but can be a bit pricey. White cedar is often seen as a less costly alternative. Rough sawn pine is a very common choice, especially for board and batten style siding. Unfortunately, the wood has a tendency to shrink, and the batten boards come off, so rough sawn pine is the least favorable wooden siding option.

Vinyl siding is another option for the homeowner who wants the shed to match the house in color and style, resist the elements, and need very little maintenance. Vinyl siding is available in many different styles to simulate wood, aluminum, or tins siding. It offers superior weather resistance and long lasting durability without the need for yearly repainting.

On the downside, it can be a bit pricey, though not the most expensive option available. Another downfall of vinyl siding is that it is not easy to repair like wooden siding. Since all the panels lock together, if one gets cracked, the rest have to come down to replace it. However, vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance, and holds up well to dents and dings. If you’re looking for a moderate cost, low maintenance option, than vinyl siding may be for you.

The next best thing to vinyl siding would have to be Dura-Temp. This is plywood siding with a hardboard face. It looks natural, and holds paint very well. It offers natural looks, good weathering, and lower cost than some other siding options. It is nearly as nice as vinyl when it comes to maintenance. If you are choosy about the looks of your shed, you should note the Dura-Temp sheds nearly always are installed with vertical siding. If this matters to you, you may need to choose another type of siding.

When choosing a siding for your outdoor storage shed, be sure to consider all the options that are available. You’ll need to assess your budget and the amount of time you plan to allow for maintaining your shed, and choose your siding material accordingly. Aesthetics are a big part of determining what type of siding material you should use, but practicality must also be considered. Take into account how durable your siding of choice is. You will also want to consider how much time, energy, and money you are willing to put into upkeep. If you do not have the resources to devote to regular maintenance, it might be wise to purchase a more expensive option outright, instead of spending the same amount of money over time to maintain your shed. Either way, take your time, weigh your options, and choose the siding option that is a good fit for your needs.

3 Easy How to Tips For Selecting a Shed Plan – Building a Storage Shed is Fun –

Imagine ending your clutter problems and stop drowning in the mess think about how nice to discover the 3 how to tips to selecting a shed plan. Imagine that building a storage shed is fun and making the stress of what to do with all this stuff a thing of the past.

Can you think of a time when you were horrified to realize you had left your garage door open or maybe a neighbor dropping by left you hiding to avoid opening your door unexpectedly?

Imagine for a moment

* No more shame about opening the garage doors.

* No more off handed remarks from the in-laws or so called friends.

* How about not going off looking for the thing that is missing and knew where it was!

* Spending more time looking for something than it is actually worth.

Thankfully there is an easy solution to these problems; building your own storage shed.

1. When Building a shed consider

o Building it on wood skids to make it a portable structure.

o Portable structures don’t require a permit inspections.

o Being portable allows you to move it any time any place.

2.If You Build It the Stuff Will Come

o A shed with a high shelves for overhead storage is great for light items.

o Heavy stuff like lawnmowers, blowers or grills take up much more floor space.

o You can add solar panels or windows on the roof to provide natural green lighting.

3. The Many Varied Materials and Choices add Flare

o Plastic, fiberglass, metal, wood and glass all added in their construction plans.

o A metal shed kit is the most affordable kit costing less in the end.

o Wood is most flexible offering infinite paint color choices with roofing choices to match anything.

How to Build a Shed in 7 Days

DIY shed building isn’t a new concept but it has seen a massive surge in popularity lately, the internet has certainly played it’s part in this with easy access to DIY shed kits and storage shed plans at your fingertips. I’m going to show you how to build a shed in 8 days, it’ll take some creativity and commitment on your part, so if you’re up to the challenge then lets get started!

Day 1 of the DIY shed building project and after a 5am start you should be fresh and ready to get going. Ok, maybe that’ a bit extreme – today you’re going to be laying out the patch of ground where your shed will stand. Be sure you measure the ground accurately and that the built shed won’t get in the way of any views.

Day 2, and after yesterdays easy day of measuring it’s time to get your storage shed building ideas down on paper. DIY shed kits require extra work but the best part is you get to decide exactly how it looks, the only thing standing between you and your mini alpine ch√Ęteau is your imagination! You can of course find shed plans online and there are some excellent sources that are very inexpensive and adaptable, however you can always take your ideas to a local home improvement store where they may be able to help out.

Day 3 and it’s time to roll your sleeves up. You should have all of your materials and tools laid out and within easy reach, trust me this can be the difference between an 8 day project and an 80 day project! Today you’ll be laying a foundation for the shed, if you’re not in too much of a rush you can try your hand at a concrete slab foundation but for a smaller sized shed a simple timber plank floor will do just fine.

Day 4 and with the foundation in place you should take your storage shed plans and get ready to assemble the support frame. Now some folks like to build these in place right away, but I’ve always found it a lot easier to assemble on the ground first, it just means you’ve to be super careful with those measurements. DIY shed building is all about the drawings, you get them right and the battle is won.

Day 5 will see your storage shed plans really leaping off the paper, you should have the shed frame in place and be starting to feel quite proud of yourself! Still some way to go though so for today you’ll be focusing on building some trusses and fixing them atop the frame you made yesterday. Like the foundation, the roof can be complex enough for bigger sheds but for a storage shed like yours, you should be just fine.

Day 6 second to last day and the finish line is in sight but by now you won’t care less as you’ll be really getting into the swing of it. More fine detail work to be done today with extra care to be taken looking over those shed plans. The window and door trims are to be fitted, these should be done with moisture in mind, keep surfaces sloping away from the structure where possible to keep rain from sitting.

Day 7 and after a little time reflecting on how far you’ve come in a week it’s time to apply the shingles or asphalt covering to your roof, careful with this as small nicks can mean a wet head down the line. A few other small jobs like hanging a door and applying a protective coating and you’re all but finished. Voila, in only a week your storage shed plans have become a storage shed reality – and don’t try to tell me you don’t feel a great sense of satisfaction right now.

How to Turn Your Steel Building Into a Mini Storage Building Business

You must keep in mind though, that finding a location where customers will come may not be easy to find. It’s crucial to research locations that will attract people. There are several websites which you can go to, to do all your research regarding mini storage business. Also, make sure to think about other factors before you start your mini storage steel business. The types of factors you should consider before doing this are: the type of area/ location, the type of traffic in the area (whether it is a high traffic area or not), the competition of mini storage and income levels as well as costs and investments.

Once you have picked your location, decide on the type of hours for your business and the construction. You will need to select the proper size for that area. Also keep in mind the paperwork for that particular land as liens against the property can delay construction. Make sure to have all necessary permits and approvals. Your mini storage must conform to fire codes and be assessable with fire alarms. Also, getting a good computerized accounting system is a good idea, you don’t want to make any mistakes as this can really hurt your business in the end. Doing research before you open up your mini storage business is a very good idea.

Having a step by step plan on how you will open your business will help to avoid mistakes in the long run including why steel buildings are a great choice. You will find a ton of resources to help you come up with a plan on how you will go about doing this. There is also a publication called Inside Self Storage Factbook that is published annually. In it you will find all sorts of information on issues affecting the self storage.

Next, finance all your contracts with the work crew. Decide about how you will accept payments such as cash or credit. Once all this is done, you are ready for business. Make sure you provide enough parking for all your customers and or employees.

Now it’s time to open your business and enjoy your mini storage!