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Creative Uses for Build-Your-Own Storage Areas

Build-your-own kits for storage sheds and barns can provide valuable room for your excess stuff, making your life a lot easier. But there are many more creative uses for these outbuildings. Are you a gardener? Create a combination storage and potting shed that gives you your own space to work. Do you like to build furniture, or sculpt, or pursue another artistic endeavor? Your own quiet workshop or studio can easily be fashioned from a ready-to-build storage shed kit. Do you want family or friends to visit often, but don’t want to live on top of them for extended periods of time? A barn kit can be renovated into a comfortable guest house that provides plenty of privacy for both you and your guests.

As you consider your new outbuilding, think of function and utilities. Does your activity require electricity for light or electrical appliances? Water? Heat? A potting shed may get by with a water source and some basic lighting, while a workshop may need more extensive electrical wiring, plus water and possibly heat. Guest houses definitely need running hot and cold water for a bathroom facility and possibly cooking and dishwashing. If you plan to spend many hours in a workshop or studio, you might want to include these amenities in them also. If you live in a cold climate, you might want to insulate your storage shed or barn so that you can use it year-round.

While not designed for more exotic usages, ready-to-build storage unit kits can be an economical and quick way to provide you with some valuable, activity-specific living space.

Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat

Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat

Description: This stylish bench combines a comfortable place to sit with a handy place to store gardening tools, chair cushions and more. Made of durable taupe resin with a faux wainscoting design, this storage seat works great indoors or outdoors. The gracefully arched back provides extra support when sitting and the seat top flips open for storage. Use it year-round in the garage, utility room, yard or anywhere you need extra seating or a place for boots, cleaning supplies, driveway salt, scrapers and more. Made in USA. 24Hx22Wx17-1/2D”.

  • Binding: Lawn & Patio
  • Brand: Suncast
  • CatalogNumberList:
  • Color: Taupe
  • Department: Tools
  • EAN: 0044365010090
  • EANList:
  • Feature: Storage seat for holding yard, garden and recreation accessories
  • Feature: Flat panel, Wainscot design in taupe
  • Feature: Easy 5-minute, assembly (no tools required)
  • Feature: Stay-dry design; durable resin construction
  • Feature: Measures 22.5″ W x 17.5″ D x 22.5″ H
  • IsAutographed: 0
  • IsMemorabilia: 0
  • ItemDimensions:
  • Label: Suncast Corporation
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer: Suncast Corporation
  • Model: SS1000
  • MPN: SS1000
  • NumberOfItems: 1
  • PackageDimensions:
  • PackageQuantity: 1
  • PartNumber: SS1000
  • ProductGroup: Lawn & Patio
  • ProductTypeName: OUTDOOR_LIVING
  • Publisher: Suncast Corporation
  • ReleaseDate: 2006-04-28
  • Size: 24″x22″x17.5″
  • SKU: SUASS1000
  • Studio: Suncast Corporation
  • Title: Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat
  • UPC: 044365010908
  • UPCList:

Price: 29.88

How to Select the Best Garden Shed Design

Who would not like a well planned garden shed in a green lawn? Everyone would love to own a well crafted, perfectly suited shed in their garden. Having a shed in the garden will also make it possible for a person to use the green lawn for multiple purposes. A person thus can use it for storing things inside the shed, planting flowers on the open field and also as playground for children.

Stocking of unused household stocks, child play things and lawn tools are some of the main advantages for having storage shed in the garden. Such kinds of storage shed thus should be built in accordance with the appearance of the surrounding and also with the paint and structure of the main house. Designing and making so will make a shed more presentable than just building it for serving the purposes.

Some of the basic tips that a person should keep in mind while building a garden shed are given below:

Space and design

Before starting the work of building storage shed in garden a person should chalk out some basic plans. A person should first estimate the availability of space and location of building in lawn. Design of the shed should also be so planned in accordance with the harmony of the green environment.


Layout on some piece of paper is also important if a person is looking for building a modern and stylish garden shed. Consulting an expert on the subject and researching on some of the latest designs will enable a person in making a perfect storage shed. Layout will also serve as a guide to the designer or carpenter who is building the garden shed.


Building material is another thing that a person should be conscious of. Woods normally are cheaper than all other kind of building materials. Woods are also perfect for building garden storage shed, as they can blend very well with the environment of the green lawn. However, person who is using woods for building garden shed should use wood treatments. Wood treatments are important for preventing house bugs and pests.

Size of the budget

A person should also build storage shed accordingly to the size of his budget. Building the shed in stages even though may take a bit more time but will be effective in building a well crafted garden shed. If a person is facing hard times, then one can consider building the storage shed on own for saving some money.

While building garden shed a person should also take into consideration the weather and climate condition of the region. Long lasting shed can only be built with a very firm concrete foundation. However, in a region with moderate weather and level ground, a moderate foundation comprising of treated lumber on a gravel base will be enough. It will also cost a lot than the former.

With a relatively large number of styles and designs available in the market, a person can now select one which will perfectly fit the garden. Attractive and practical storage shed thus, can be built with creative thinking.

So, if a person is thinking about building garden shed then he should start painting pictures of how he wants his shed to be like.

Storage Shed Plans For Beginners

A storage shed sits nicely in your backyard and as the name suggests, it helps you store stuff. If you are a complete novice when it comes to carpentry, then you are better off buying one from the market. However, if you have some knowledge of carpentry and storage shed making, then you can go ahead and build your own. There are a lot of resources available for help.

For starters, you must buy the right tools for making the shed. You can go to a hardware store and state your needs. The store manager will tell you exactly what all you need to build a storage for your things. You also need the building material. Whether you want a wooden, concrete or metal storage shed, you need to buy the appropriate material.

After you have the material ready, you need to plan the size and design of the storage kit. After the planning is done, you need to go ahead with the actual building process. From the planning to the building phase, there are several storage plans for beginners as well as experienced builders available as books or on the Internet.

There are several illustrated books available in local bookstores that tell you about the step by step process to planning and building a storage shed. On the Internet, you may also download freely available e-books that serve the same purpose. There are some interactive websites that offer flash videos and PowerPoint presentations as guide to planning and building storage sheds.

Moving in Storage Shed in Maryland – Planning How to Create One

Have you ever run out of storage spaces? Living in Maryland would open up your eyes to the many storage sheds which are built by the residents themselves who feel the dire need to make use of additional spaces to store their belongings. Moving in storage shed in Maryland could definitely be easy if only you know how to create one for your own consumption.

The plans for the creation of storage sheds would allow you to make up very attractive structure which may actually be partnered with the landscape that exists or would just be built therein. As of the moment, the Maryland markets have already made the economic and simple storage shed plans that you could grab at any time. The plans for storage sheds include a comprehensive step by step instruction of the procedures which one could definitely follow. The steps are coupled with illustrations. More so, the precise materials that need to be utilized are also enlisted therein. So as you could save money and time, the storage shed plans also employ certain cutting setups as vividly described in the layout sheets.

As the one who is going to utilize the storage shed, you would have to get a full grasp of the real deal with the cost of what you would be spending on. You need to be abreast of how you would do it, when is the best time to do it, and how much money should you prepare in doing it. You would also be able to realize which would be cheaper and a lot affordable on your part–whether to purchase the ready made storage shed or to create your own.

Storage Shed Plans

Generally, there are three kinds of foundations which are stipulated on the storage shed plans. The simplest type to create is the one which is founded on the gravel bed wherein the floor joists are all nailed onto a skid foundation. The second kind therein is the one which is laid on some concrete pad and is very much perfect for the big buildings. Then there is the third type, that is, the very ideal for the sloping yards and which are much too prone to movement. There are several storage shed plan designers who are coming up with various materials and construction techniques. Hence, the storage space must be sufficient enough to accommodate the items that you would need to keep in it.

Storage Shed Kits

You would need kits in building storage sheds. These are all designed to push through the task that is solely dedicated to them. The storage shed kits are perfect to use especially if you would like to rely on your own skills when building the storage shed. Your budget could easily afford these gadgets because they are pocket-friendly. More so, they could likewise be bought online. The good thing with the storage shed kits is that they are crafted to be really durable in order to withstand even the worst condition of the very unpredictable weather.

Some of the typical storage shed kits are floor deck, lumber, floor joists, roof panels, angle brackets, prefabricated siding, and many others. There are likewise the windows, doors, and other pertinent instruction details that would be very valuable for you.

Moving in storage shed in Maryland is that easy. Simply procure these important gadgets and you are on your way to creating a useful storage space for your belongings.

Are Steel Buildings As Strong As Traditional Wood Buildings?

So you are in need of a building to place on your property and you are torn over whether or not to go for building a wood building or whether you should invest in a steel building. This can be a very good question since this is a large investment and you want it to last for a very long time. You aren’t sure which of the two are stronger, which will be easier to maintain, or which will be more practical. You are not wrong for asking these questions because it is your money and you certainly want something that will last at least through your lifetime or even longer.

A little research will show that the use of steel in construction has grown phenomenally in recent years. Yes, steel has been used for a very long time in the construction industry, but the true practicality of it has just been realized. Wood was once the material of choice for erecting structures, but that was when logging and such land stripping activities were not such a problem. Now we end up with imitation woods and acquiring real wood is considerably more expensive. The environmental factor is one reason why many are steering clear of using wood and moving toward the affordability of steel .

Is it stronger?

How fast a steel building is erected may make one ask if it is truly as strong. It is more or less an urban legend that structures erected in short periods of time are not sturdy. Many used to believe that builders had to spend long periods of time on a structure in order for it to be of a great quality. That is no longer true with the many technological innovations that we have seen throughout the years, especially in the construction industry.

Steel is very sturdy and is, in fact, stronger than wood. It is more likely to withstand an environmental catastrophe while experiencing less damage than a wood structure. The wood in a wood structure may be strong, but it is still only held together by nails. There are other techniques used in the building of a steel structure that are not used when building a wood structure.


Aside from faster construction, steel buildings also have a lower cost associated with them, as mentioned before. They are of a light weight, which makes the materials easily transportable during building and in larger pieces. They are also very easy to maintain. There are no such threats as termites and they do not rot. They are also easy to clean, which means they don’t need heavy maintenance. Most importantly, the fire risk is considerably less. If a fire were to occur in a steel building, it is more likely that the materials inside will burn, rather than the building. The fire temperatures would have to be extremely high to compromise the steel structure in any way. Nevertheless, the risk of fire is reduced in a steel building because there are no materials that can easily ignite.

A great alternative

So as you can see, steel buildings present a wonderful alternative. For those concerned with the environment, steel is 66% recyclable. This is another reason that makes them a better alternative to wood. Take this into consideration: A home of 2000 square feet uses the wood from approximately 50 trees. A building constructed of wood may not use that many trees, but it is certainly enough. Erecting a steel building will not only give you an environmentally friendly alternative, but a much sturdier and safer alternative that you can have confidence in.