Step-By-Step Foundation For Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Have you been thinking about what type of foundation should you consider in making an outdoor storage shed? In this article you will learn the 3 most important steps in making the right foundation for your shed such as preparing the location, laying out the foundation, and choosing the type of foundation. These three are the essential steps in determining the quality of your shed project.

Prepare Your Site For Construction

First step you should do is to clear the construction area. Clear all debris, roots, grass and rocks from that area to make space for the shed’s foundation. Be sure the ground slopes apart from the area at least 10 feet in all directions. If needed, fill up the soil in the middle of the area and slope away for the high point to serve as drainage. Fill up all the low spots inside the perimeter of the area. A 1/8 inch slope per foot is necessary to prevent water runoff. Excavate the site 4 inches deep and place gravel or crushed rock where drainage may be an issue.

Laying Out The Foundation

Regardless of the type of foundation you will choose, it is ideal to begin by outlining the “footprint” on the site. Begin by marking the boundary by driving a stake into the ground. The stake will be your guide for measuring the garden shed dimension in each corner. Connect each shed’s corner by right angle lines. Use string to run a line from one stake to another. The shed must have a right angle at each corner.

Determine The Type Of Foundation

You can have several choices in selecting your outdoor storage shed foundation. Some of the popular choices are concrete, timber and blocks. With any option you will choose, it is wiser to check first your local building codes and seek help if necessary. Concrete shed foundation requires equipment and may cost you while wood timbers or blocks are faster to build and inexpensive that can be done by any homeowner.

With any shed project and design you like, it is best to have a shed plans to guide you in your work accurately and faster. There are several shed plans online that provides a step-by-step instructional guide and material list for your convenience. One of the most trusted and popular shed plans is “My Shed Plans” that provides you with over 12,000 shed project and beautiful design to choose from.

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