Rethinking Your Outdoor Storage Options

Let’s face it; most people would like to have more storage both inside and outside of their home. While you can expand and organize inside to make more room it is rarely in the budget for anyone to build onto their existing home. That makes expansion outside the home one of the best ways to get and maintain additional storage but you will need to know the pluses and minuses of the different options available to you.

One of those options is using an on location storage facility where you can rent a certain amount of space per month. These locations normally have security and some even have temperature controlled rooms for collectables and clothing if required. Of course those options do come with a price but if you need it you can find it.

One of the problems with this type of storage facility is you have to come and go within their operating hours and those can sometimes be very limited. You also need to read the fine print of the contract because once you are late or miss a payment; they can sell your things in order to recoup the money owed to them.

You might also consider the monthly cost as well. If you need to rent a storage space for one year and it costs you $130 per month you will spend $1560 by the end of the first year and the only thing you have to show for it is your stuff. If you have to continue to use a storage space then you can see how quickly your money goes on the rented space.

This is one of the best reasons to consider putting a storage shed of some kind on your property if available. The size you need might seem expensive but you will have it year after year to use as you choose and the long term expense is much less than the on location storage option.

If you live in the city or don’t have the space for a storage building in your yard think about making a deal with your parents or friends to put a storage shed of some kind on their property and let them use it as well. Many people co=op gardens and greenhouses so why not storage options?

The smaller shed kits can be moved rather easily and it make since to own instead of rent. These kits come with extensive instructions and can be put together and installed in a weekend. You can also hire a handyman or landscaping company to help you as well if you think it is more than you can do.

The important thing is to make good financial decisions in regard to outdoor storage and get enough so it will last you for many years. Most of the plastic and vinyl options come with long term warranties and are very maintenance free. You will never have to paint, treat for termites or repair the siding on these sheds.

So if the need for storage has come to your door this year, rethink your options and make sure you make a good long term decision that will last for many years to come.

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