Outdoor Storage Sheds – What Are the Factors to Consider?

Outdoor storage sheds can be a great addition to your home for three reasons.

1. A storage shed offers a solution to your storage problems. It gives you a place to store all your tools, garden supplies, dirt bikes, RVs, boats, or anything else you want kept safe.

2. A tastefully built shed that matches the architectural design of your home can make your property look a lot more appealing.

3. A beautiful, functional shed increases the value of your property considerably. It means you can charge a higher rent to tenants and get better returns when you sell your home. If you are planning to add a shed to your home, you have three choices – you can buy it, build one yourself with precut parts, or build one from scratch.


You can find an incredibly huge range of outdoor storage sheds on the market today. You can either buy a premade shed or order a custom-made shed. A pre-assembled shed is likely to lighten your wallet by a few thousand dollars. Solid, spacious sheds made of high quality material can cost as much as $20,000 or more.

Building One with Precut Parts

If you find the task of building a shed from scratch too daunting, you can get shed building kits that come with prefabricated parts. You can simply follow the building plan and assemble the parts to build the shed. A shed kit can set you back by a few thousand dollars, however, the cost differs greatly based on the size of the shed and the quality of the materials used.

Building One from Scratch

If you are handy with tools and love to build stuff, you can build a storage shed from scratch. You can get a good shed plan that contains lists of materials and tools needed for the project, how-to instructions, illustrations, and valuable tips that will help you build a shed of your choice.

Outdoor Storage Sheds – Factors to Consider

Zoning Laws

Zoning, as you probably know, governs the height, size, and location of outdoor storage sheds. So, you should make sure you have the necessary building permit and your shed meets the local zoning requirements.

Roof Design

Your choices for the shed roof include lean-to (ideal for small spaces), gable (extra storage space), hip (great looking), gambrel (plenty of internal headroom), and saltbox (rustic look, resistant to strong winds).


The common choices for a shed foundation include gravel (cheap), timber (easy to install), concrete pier (ideal for temporary sheds), and concrete blocks and slabs (ideal for strong, permanent structures).


You can increase the storage space of your shed by adding wall hooks, hangers, tool organizers, lofts, and cabinets.


Proper ventilation is necessary to pull moisture and stale air out of your shed. One of the simplest ways to do it is to add windows and vents to your shed. You can also add a ventilation fan that can pull out moisture and hot air out of your shed.


Strong locks and alarm systems are essential for outdoor storage sheds. It is the best way to make sure all your valuable items are stored safely.

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