Outdoor Storage Shed – Can Be Built By You And Save Lots Of Money In The Process

Are you excited about building your own outdoor storage shed? I know I was when I first started out many years ago. As a retired builder with more than forty years experience I still get excited about new building projects. You can build the perfect storage solution for whatever you have in mind. Storing your lawn mower, gardening tools, pool supplies, lawn supplies and bicycles are just a few items to mention that require protection from the weather.

If this is your first go at it, then building this product can be a daunting task. If you are handy and have some of the necessary tools, this could be great fun and a great way to save some hard earned cash at the same time. Before you go running off to buy all the material there are a few things to consider: what will this storage building be used for, how big should it be, where is the best location, you get the idea, right? Okay, so here are some tips and how I would go about answering these questions and many more as we begin our project.

1. Try to locate an area that is reasonably level, free of trees or tree limbs, or any other heavy vegetation that can be cleared easily without the need for a bulldozer. If you have such an area, then the size of your outdoor shed can be determined based on your needs and your finances. A basic 10 foot by 12 foot or 12 foot by 12 foot shed are very popular sizes to consider.

2. After determining the shed size, you will need to get four corners staked with two by four’s or whatever you have available so that you can determine if this looks like the best spot for your shed. I personally like to use steel rods for my corners because they are easier to drive in hard soil and can be precisely positioned when you are trying to get your diagonal measurements correct.

3. I’m sure you have a picture in mind by now what this storage shed is going to look like. If you don’t have a clue, sit down and sketch out something. You need to be thinking about windows, doors, style or type of roof, siding, roofing material, etc.

4. If you decide to build your shed with a wood deck versus a poured concrete slab, then it will be necessary to pour footings and set your pressure treated timbers on top of the footings, plumb and level. Remember to check local zoning/building codes for appropriate materials, sizes, footings, or permits, if required.

5. Other things to consider if you build a wood deck.

  • be sure there is at least 6″ ground clearance for good ventilation and heavy rain run off. You will thank me for this during a heavy down pour. Experience is a great teacher.
  • ramp versus stairs will be required especially if you plan to store a riding lawn mower.
  • If you are going to store a lawn tractor, motor cycle, or anything heavy, remember to allow for a stronger floor system and consider double doors for easy access. The process is the same as building a garage, or a room addition. Good construction practices will always produce soundly constructed buildings. If at any time you are in doubt about any phase of the construction process and want reassurance that you are not in violation of state or local building codes, you can call the building department in your town or city and get your answers.
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