Outdoor Storage Buildings – How To Solve A Space Problem

Who would be without some good outdoor storage buildings? No one, I’m sure. When it comes to keeping a property or backyard tidy and clutter-free, you need masses of space to store important and valuable possessions. Also expensive machinery and equipment would benefit from being housed under cover, therefore extra space would soon be utilised.

It is said that you can never have enough storage space, unless of course you are one of those rare ultra-tidy people who rarely buys anything or is so organised. Most of us are the exact opposite, and seem to acquire items at the rate of knots, and accumulate stuff – with nowhere to stow it.

In my experience, as soon as further storage areas are made available, they tend to fill up too fast, resulting in no space again! It’s a never-ending cycle. But, first things first, a good set of outdoor storage buildings are required, or even just one!

Once you decide to proceed with the construction of one of these units, determine whether you want to go for a kit form or ready-made build. Both have their advantages, if you enjoy taking on a project yourself, and have enough skills, the kit form could be best for you. On the other hand, the easy option is to buy one direct from a supplier, and have them erect it in your backyard for you.

Whichever way you go, don’t forget to get proper blueprint plans. Some folk neglect or completely overlook this part of the project, but it is similar to trying to build a house without architect’s drawings. I know an outside building is not quite as important as a house, however if you omit the planning stage, you never know what problems you might face.

Another point concerning design plans, is they are cost effective and guaranteed to save you money in the long run. They also help you avoid inevitable measuring errors when it comes to the construction stage.

Ensure your site has good accessibility, and can be connected to the various utilities such as water and electricity without problems. Now that plans are in hand and the type of storage building is selected, you are ready to put up your unit in its desired location.

Preparation of the site to accommodate your building is of utmost importance. It must be level with adequate foundations, which is usually a concrete base with dimensions about ten percent larger than the floor area of the building itself, and to a depth of at least 4 inches (or 6 inches if for tractors and other heavy machinery).

Construction can now happen onto a good base. If you are doing this yourself, why not enlist the support of some family members or friends to help with the lifting of heavy parts prior to assembly? Have fun in the process – and a beer or two – and the job will be done in next to no time.

Now you’ve got the outdoor storage building you desired, and solved a problem of lack of space. All that’s left to do is to put up some shelving and racking inside; perhaps even a workbench. You are ready to furnish it with all your stuff, and then you’ll wonder how on earth you managed without that extra valuable space. You can never have too much storage, so enjoy it!

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