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Outdoor Kitchens Review

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outdoor kitchensOutdoor kitchens are becoming a vital part in many homes. Maybe it is the easy maintenance and functionality that they offer which gives many homeowners the desire to have one. Perhaps it is the provision to socialize with friends and family without having to feel secluded while preparing food for them that provides the desire. However, before getting excited about building Outdoor Kitchens for your friendsown home, there are several factors which need to be taken in consideration.

 Building Outdoor Kitchens:

The following are some of the factors to consider when building

  • Work Areas and Functional Zones for Outdoor Kitchens – These are the areas where food storing, preparation, cooking and plating are done. There are four categories of work areas and functional zones:
  • Dry Zone – This includes the Outdoor Kitchens area, cabinets and food preparation.
  • Wet Zone – This includes sinks, ice tanks and beverage supply containers.
  • Cold Zone – This includes freezers, wine chillers and refrigerators.
  • Hot Zone – This includes cook tops, grills and pizza ovens.
  • Total Counter Space – Outdoor Kitchens come in different sizes. It is important to take into consideration the amount of space of the counter to avoid too much crowding. A good rule of thumb in deciding how big or small the counter space should be is to make sure that its size is proportional to the kitchen’s size.
  • Landing Area – This area is one of the most vital parts of all Outdoor Kitchens. It is where the pots, utensils and plates can be placed. It is important to keep everything near each other to provide the cook access into it.
  • Seating Space – This area provides convenience and comfort to family and guests. In deciding about the amount of space that must be allocated in this area, it is important to evaluate the dimensions of the seats, tables and counters, as well as the space in between the seats.
  • Storage Space – As the term suggests, this is the area for storage.  There are several factors which needs to be considered in deciding the storage space requirement of Outdoor Kitchens and they are the following:
  • The kitchen size
  • Size of the cabinets to be installed
  • Type of the functions or events  which will be held in the kitchen

As soon as you figure out how much space is available for you to build Outdoor Kitchens, you can start allocating space for each factor. Remember, you don’t need a very big kitchen to enjoy outdoor cooking. What matters is having a functional and efficient one where you and your loved ones can do things together and have fun.

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