How To Prepare To Build An Outdoor Storage Shed

There are several options and types for you to choose from for backyard sheds. Of these, wood storage sheds are considered to be the best. However, it is important that you go with the one that suits best with your situation.

Once you have decided that a wood storage shed is what you need for your storage requirements, you need to analyze if you would want to buy a wood shed plan to build it on your own or if would want to purchase a prefabricated wood shed kit. Several factors will determine your choice:

1. Requirements of the shed design

2. Handyman skills

3. Time on hand

Shed Design

To understand what you expect from your shed design, you will need to take into consideration the ‘use’, ‘look’ and ‘size’ aspects. This will help you answer your question of whether to buy or build the shed.

• Use: You could build a multipurpose shed or purchase one. However, it is easier to modify a prefab wood shed and thus, it is better if you go for purchasing one.

• Size: Prefab sheds have a fixed range of sizes. It is likely that you will find the size that is right for you in the options available but if you need one that out of this range, you may have to purchase shed plans and build it on your own.

• Look: A custom made wood storage shed is definitely a good option in terms of appearance. You can paint a shed made yourself to match the look of your house. You can do that to a prefab wood shed too but it won’t be as close as the one that is custom made.

Handyman Skills

When you order a shed kit, it contains everything and all you need to do is put it together. There is no need for you to go through shed blueprints or make trips to the lumber yard for raw materials or measure and cut the pieces. It is like a 3 D puzzle with instructions that assist you in completing the project quicker. If you have purchased a shed plan and have decided to make it on your own, you have to carry out all the steps in order to be able to put it together. The steps are easy to follow only if you have chosen a good quality shed plan. It is not necessary for you to be a professional handyman to complete the project but you do need to know how to use the tools and follow the instructions in the right manner.

Time on hand

If you want the wood storage shed to be ready quick, purchasing a prefab shed is definitely the better option than trying to build a custom wood shed. You might have the skills to make a shed but you may not have the time that is required for making it. Buying a shed kit will be less expensive than purchasing a prefab wood shed but the additional cost will compensate for the additional time.

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