DIY Garden Shed – A Helpful Outdoor Storage Area

My lifetime dream was about to come true. I immediately bought some books about flowers and plants that would flourish in our area and set about planning my garden. Since it was the middle of summer when we moved, I had some time because I would not be planting until the next spring. So I began buying some of the tools I would need for my new garden.

That is when I realized that I would need some additional storage to help me organize my tools and gardening paraphernalia. I had a neighbor who had a small shed in her backyard, so I got the brilliant idea that I would take on this new diy garden shed project. I would construct the new storage building in the back yard, nestled between the two dogwood trees. It would be a great place to keep all my gardening and lawn tools.

The next thing I needed was a set of garden shed blueprints with enough professional detail so that I would not build something that would blow away with the next slight breeze. I was able to locate such a set of plans online. There was immediate delivery via download, and pretty soon I was off to the home construction box store.

The really cool thing about my new garden shed plans was that there was a complete list of materials and sizes, so I just dropped the list off and their crew gathered up the materials and delivered them to my driveway (for a slight fee, of course).

I wish I could say that everything went just like in the movies, but it did not. The project took a few days longer than I had anticipated. However, in the end, I had my garden shed, and it looks really nice. I have plenty of room for my new riding lawn mower along with all the garden tools, pots, bags of soil and fertilizer.

I am now pursuing my dream hobbies. I plant and care for my garden, then I get out my camera and photograph to my heart’s content. What I am going to do with all those digital pictures, I have no idea, but at least I am having fun.

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