Considerations for Buying or Building an Outdoor Storage Shed

Do you have a storage problem? The chances are you do. What does the term storage really mean to your family and you? Does it mean a place to just throw into the possessions you don’t need to use right away? Or is it a place of organized safety for your valued possessions that you want to be able to find at a moment of need?

An outdoor storage unit can embody multiple ideas to different individuals and families. In every case it should be a place in which to secure individual and family possessions from potential damage or loss and a center for organizing those possessions to become quickly accessible when needed.

When you have a storage problem you reach a point where having to purchase or build an outdoor storage shed becomes an unavoidable challenge. While many families may decide on the easy option of purchasing a manufactured shed from a local retail store or direct from the manufacturer, others prefer the challenge of building their own storage center from shed plans.

With a multiplicity of style and options to consider a review of these basic steps prior to making a final decision will empower you to make the best decision.

What function will your shed serve?

Will you construct your shed as the primary center for individual or family storage? If your answer to this question is yes, you will need to decide how much storage space is needed in the present as well as for future needs.

If your storage shed space requirement is only for your tools or for yard maintenance equipment a simple 4′ x 8′ or a 10′ x 12′ unit may be the answer to free up more space in your garage or home. You also want your outdoor storage shed to complement the color of your house and landscape. Will you need electricity for power and lighting?

Or would skylights provide sufficient light if daylight access is all you need.

Is the width of the entrance to the outdoor storage shed one of other than normal consideration? If not then a 34″ access entry will suffice. If adding some character and asset value to your property is of primary importance you will want to consider wood and pre-finished siding as the preferred way to go. Generally this will be a larger investment than metal or vinyl.

If you end up choosing to purchase a pre-built, delivered and installed storage shed some things to avoid are dealers that fly into town to set up a temporary sales location and disappear the next day. Deal only with those distributors or manufacturers who are in a permanent location and have an honorable relationship with the public.

Your other alternative is going online for both research and the possibility of direct purchase from the manufacturer at a discount price. As with offline distributors or manufacturers you want all warranty of manufacturing and delivery of any pre-cut or pre-fabricated unit to be in writing.

It is always a sound practice to contact the BBB online to discover if there are any unresolved complaints against the company with which you are planning to do business.

By considering the available options and answering these questions you can turn a potential nightmare into a great and smooth experience in adding an outdoor storage shed to your home environment.

Tim R Walls is an avid woodworking enthusiast and writer on the subject of outdoor storage sheds and woodworking plans and patterns. If you need in depth information on the subject of sheds plans, visit the author’s website at [].

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