Building Garden Storage and Workshops – Advice and Tips

Either you can make a outdoor building that has a standard apex or pent (ridge) roof and is big enough for everything, or you can build specific storage boxes or containers for specific things.

A smaller structure can be DIY self built cheaply and might be enough for your needs. It is also a fun do it yourself project for a medium skilled amateur, if you have some good tools.

Outside storage can be for:

– Bikes

– Tools

– Paint and solvents (better than in the house)

– Balcony storage

– Logs

– Wheelie bins or dustbins, trash cans

– Boxes and chests for odds and ends

– Childrens’ playhouses

– Garden things (tools, seeds, rakes) for those with green fingers and horticulturists

– All purpose – anything else!

Things to consider when building garden storage:

a) Consider the maximum size you would like, and see if it can be fitted into your space.

Choose the type of material that you want – wood, plastic, metal. See what fits in with your garden design, or your eco considerations – wood is great but not as cheap or hard wearing as plastic.

b) You might need two or more smaller ones if one is too big.

c) Plan your spending budget. See above about wood or plastic.

d) Determine the spot where you would like your garden storage to be positioned.

e) Make sure the spot that you choose takes adequate amount of sunlight and the ground beneath does not consist of soft or wet soil. A dank corner might seem like a good place but can lead to problems later.

f) Remember to position the shed or outbuilding as such that it does not obstruct or hinder movement and beauty of the garden

g) Should be easily accessible, even when carrying large things in and out.

h) It should not be positioned such that it looks odd, rather it should add to your garden landscaping effect.

i) Make sure to build compartments into the storage shed that function as hideaways for sharp and dangerous tools and objects and provide safety to the expensive tools against theft.

j) Make sure that no rain water seeps into the storage or outbuilding.

k) Any electrical wiring present inside the garden outbuilding or storage shed must be kept insulated and protected against wear and tear. Water can seep into outdoor buildings, this is a risk. Get a professional to check all electrical setups as, if done badly, they can be fatal!

l) The structure should be made earthquake proof, if that is appropriate for you area.

m) Keep it organized and free of hazards by cleaning up wood scraps and loose nails etc.

n) Always use eye protection and gloves while working with wood, plastic or any other material.

o) Always keep the garden storage shed or outbuilding locked and secured from children for their safety.

Garden storage sheds and outbuildings provide a very organized and efficient way of storing your tools and handicrafts. Also, they can be used for plants pots and all the things you need, like fertilizer, pots and boxes, seeds.

Storage chests

Also available are storage chests which are often made of plastic. Chests are good for small items like paint, tools, solvents, and should be kept locked for safety.

More information is on our main website at DIY Building & gardens

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