Building an Outdoor Storage Shed – DIY Outdoor Shed Plans Make it Easy

Building an outdoor storage shed and enjoying the benefits of the extra space is not very difficult if you use a good set of shed plans. No matter what size structure you need, you can most likely knock out the project in just one or two weekends, and have enough space for all your garden and lawn tools to be stored safe and secure all year round.

Many people will even build an outdoor storage shed a little bigger than they think they will need so they can grow in to it over time. Couple this with the added value to your property, and this is something anyone and everyone should do.

The most important part of your DIY structure is choosing the right set of plans to get you going. You do not have to be a trained woodworker to read plans if they are written correctly. Here are keys to look for:

  • Clear Drawings for Each Size : Many times, a set of prints will only be valid for one size, and the drawings do not have the correct size markings on them. This will end up costing you time and extra money. Clear drawings that you can customize and print are your best option.
  • Complete Materials List: Too often, I have seen plans that are only the drawing, and nothing else. This leaves you out on your own as to materials you will need. Make sure you are getting a complete materials list, with quantities, dimensions, and optional pieces so you can work with ease.

If you have done this right, then you can simply print off the materials list and get all your lumber pre-cut at a local lumber yard very quickly. While cutting, you can get the other fasteners and other items to complete your outdoor storage shed.

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