4 Tips For Keeping an Outdoor Storage Shed Beautiful

Having an outdoor storage shed can be really helpful. It lets you keep all the stuff you want to, but know you wouldn’t have the room for without the shed. They can also add a uniqueness to your backyard and fill it with life. If you want that shed to stay functional and beautiful for a long time just follow these 4 tips.

If you have a little extra money, then you can buy some low-maintenance, highly resistant materials. These usually include plastic lumber for the siding. They work great because they come in the color that you want, they don’t warp, split, or rot and the won’t get burrowed into by bugs.

When you are building the floor, don’t try and cut costs. The floor is a very important part of a shed, so it will have to last. The way to make sure that it does is to by “pressure-treated” timber for the frames, and if you want you can buy “pressure-treated” plywood for the floor boards too.

Try to keep the pitch on the roof at around 40-45 degrees. Low angle roofs only increase the chance of a cave in. Building it at around 40-45 degrees insures that it will be able to shed snow and other debris that lands on it.

If you want to keep little critters to stop burrowing underneath your shed there are some very easy to use and humane ways of doing it. You won’t have to kill them or anything, all you have to do is put chicken wire up around the bottom of the shed. Just attach the wire to the bottom of the shed, and put it into the ground at least 6 inches deep. This can be done very easily while building the shed, and can be very inconspicuous too.

These are just 4 tips to keeping your storage shed staying beautiful outside while protecting it from the elements and little bugs and creatures. Implementing these easy tips can keep your shed looking great for a long time.

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