21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your

21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your

Description: You can go online and find a lot of books and lists about home building, financing your home, choosing good contractors, dealing with bureaucrats, and mistakes to avoid. I’ve even written one.

But this list is a bit different.

This list isn’t about saving money or protecting yourself from unscrupulous contractors. It isn’t about choosing the right flooring or cabinets. It isn’t about insulation or proper drainage or how to make the most of your view.

This little book is about details -small mistakes you can make because you simply didn’t think about them. But be assured : If you don’t think about them now and the mistakes are made, you’ll definitely think about them often as you begin to actually use your home.

That’s because the list is filled with details that you don’t even think about unless they’re somehow wrong. If any of them are wrong in your current residence, you’ll recognize them. If they’re right in your current residence, you probably just take them for granted.

The purpose of this list is to save you from needless frustrations and annoyances.

Read the list and follow some of its suggestions as you choose your house plans. You may find that you need to make some changes. You may also find that making the changes costs you a few hundred extra dollars. But those will be dollars you’ll never regret spending.

Discuss the relevant points with your general contractor. Make sure he or she will build your home in a manner that avoids these dumb mistakes.

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